Abandoned Comb Amulet


Inspired by the alarming mass disappearance of honeybees, The Abandoned Comb Amulet is defined by a solomonic dilemma: violently shatter and consume the object in order to remove its inner worth, or nurture the form and allow it to naturally reveal the treasure within.

Limited edition of 30
Handcrafted to order in New York City
Ships in 10-12 business days

Literally, The Abandoned Comb Amulet is a six hexagon 18k gold honeycomb pendant on a fine gold chain. The necklace is encapsulated in a three inch tall hexagonal sugar-glass pyramid, which is filled with New York rooftop honey. The entire piece is presented and may be preserved in the included airtight glass bell jar and rubber base.

A lengthy production process renders each Abandoned Comb Amulet unique. The process begins with a visit to a local rooftop hive in Brooklyn, New York. There, abandoned honeycomb is gathered from empty hives, which is later coated with natural shellacs in preparation for “lost-wax” casting. During casting the wax honeycomb is entirely burned away and replaced with gold. The result is a perfect 18k gold replica of the found honeycomb.
The cast piece is then reduced into arrangements of six hexagons. Each cluster is assembled onto a 16 to 18 inch gold necklace with a unique clasp, thoroughly cleaned and sealed by hand in a honey-filled cast sugar pyramid.

10% of the proceeds will benefit local beekeeping efforts by The Brooklyn Bee ( No bees were displaced to create The Abandoned Comb Amulet. For more information about Colony Collapse Disorder visit
A special thank you to The Brooklyn Bee, PapaBubble Caramels Artesans, Susanne Goetz and Austin Priebe. Still photography by Gisel Florez, black and white photo by Nadav Benjamin.
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