Black Honey (New York Raw Organic)

By: Occulter
Category: Sundries
Raw New York Buckwheat

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Eight ounces of nearly opaque, very dark, pure, raw, unprocessed, unfiltered local New York State buckwheat honey in black beeswax sealed glass jar. 


University studies show that the darker the honey the higher the concentration of antioxidants. This honey is very, very dark. Plays well with Occulter Black Smoke Tea.


Our source beekeeper, Mr. Spear from Schenectady, is very proud of his bees and the honey they make. During a recent chat about our mutual admiration for honeybees, he said, "Even after more than 20 years of tending these little creatures, I am still marveled by them."


180 jars of honey like this were used to create The Hive Door entrance to Derrick R. Cruz's A NEW HIVE installation at Earnest Sewn in New York. A NEW HIVE was created to generate awareness concerning the devastating effects and potential causes of Colony Collapse Disorder.


Please note that the price of pure honey continues to rise as honeybee colonies still suffer from the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder. Support sustainable beekeeping practices and the up-keep of hives in your community. To learn more about beekeeping in New York City visit
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